December is here

fewh~ huk huk huk.. *dusty weblog* MySpace

well, it is obvious that it has been long since I last posted anything here.. if this blog is a book, then the dust had beautifully covered it by now..

December is here...2010 is soon will end.. miahnhae (i'm sorry) MySpace

for the past few months..i wasn't able to commit in posting any news on this page.. yeah...time flew so fast..
have i change enough for the better? well..honestly, I'm still working hard here to be a better me..

The year 2010 is a challenging year (2011) will be tougher...yet, it'll be diamond to me..(with term&condition applied)

Ya Allah..please lead my way..I seek for apology for things that I've done wrong in concious or not..


MySpace miahnhae miahnhae

1 Response to "December is here"

  1. DedeknOm says:
    17 December 2010 at 01:11

    hehe. lamak x update cegu :)